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sexy gifs of kyungri for anonymous

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I don’t usually reblog posts about race, but whitewashing in the media is something people should be more aware of. I was only going to like this post until I saw the change from setting from Tokyo to San Franciskoyo or whatever it was WHAT THE FUCK. I’m just a little sensitive about this stuff because there definitely arent enough asian characters in hollywood movies and I even noticed that when i was 4.  When i ask my friends for one asian actor off the top of their head, they say jackie chan.  When i ask again, but point out to think of an actor that isn’t heavily associated with martial arts, it takes them a while to think of one (usually its ken jeong because he’s hilarious).

#rantover #sorryImhalfasianandimsensitivetothisstuff 

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Get to know me meme: [1/5] favorite female soloist
          ↳IU: “The audience didn’t really care, but it didn’t matter. As long as there was a stage for me to sing, it was alright.

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I made a clock!
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Sometimes I really wonder about our idol’s real personalities or lifestyles. This is because while we see them laughing, smiling, joking on stage on broadcast or shows, we also know that they have a packed schedule, especially during a comeback. I sometimes hear about idols having about 5hrs of…

Lee Kwang-soo - Accident Prone

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Managing to get two of the same videos play at the same time? Mission Accomplished

Kris’ long kiss with the bird doll

Then he realises how creepy he looks

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